Top-10 Startup Success Stories: August

All around the world, August is named to be one of the favourite months as it brings so many good things to cherish! If you would translate Augustus from Latin, it means “the great one”!  And it is a great one, especially for our startups and the community! Read more and find out how YES!Delft startups have been nominated for various awards, received an incredible € 4,000,000 in funding, achieved their set goals and more exciting news in our top-10 startup success stories in this August edition.

1. Aqysta

Aqysta, a startup from YES!Dellft , recently installed their developed Barsh Pump at the highest altitude (4.1 km) in Ladakh, India! For this project, four Barsha Pumps have been used to irrigate the adjacent lands to transform them into pasture lands for grazing local cattle such as Yaks, Pashmina goats, and local cow breeds. See the post here!

2. Bi/ond

Bi/ond was included in the Sifted startups’ selection to watch in their nanotech section. Sifted is the platform backed by the Financial Times to cover Europe’s startup and tech world, on a mission to become the essential, trusted, and independent resource for European tech by building a diverse community of founders, investors, and corporate innovators. It is an outstanding achievement which, in return, supports Bi/ond mission and encourages them to grow even further! Check out the full briefing here.

3. Isispace

Last month Isispace successfully handed a multi-spectral imaging satellite to their customer! Together with their partners, Simera Sence and Pinkmatter, Isispace were able to provide a complete turnkey solution. Also, they presented their first images and in-flight results at the Small Satelite Conference. You can find all the pictures here!

4. Unpluq

Unpluq innovation has been featured on TechCrunch. You can read the full article here. Next to that, Unpluq officially completed its crowdfunding campaign, and all Unpluq Tags were shipped out last week all around the world. And one more exciting news is that Caroline Cadwell is joining  Tim Smits and Jorn Rigter as co-founder and COO at Unpluq! Unpluq is starting a research product to investigate the impact of smartphone on work, if you are interested in participating you can sign up here.

5. Respyre

Respyre has been invited to show their test panels on the national NOS news. Their developed moss panels are attached to typical 1970s houses. A minimum of 30 panels will be added to the current 9 panels to test on a large scale what a startup can do to combat the heat in the built environment. Respyre moss panels contribute to water retention and cooling in the built environment. You can watch the news video here. Also, the co-founder of Respyre Auke Bleij has been nominated as a most promising entrepreneur under “25 onder 25”  Auke Bleij at MT/Sprout. You can leave your vote here

6. Sense Glove

Sense Glove partnered up with a BSD company in Canada, and their developed innovation will be integrated into the XR simulations. In this way, training for enterprises will become more advanced as people will be able to feel and interact with virtual objects.

7. Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey has raised € 4,000,000 in growth capital from investors such as  Eneco Ventures, Helen Ventures, InnovationQuarter and 4impact! With the raised funds, the company plans to invest heavily in their smart software for solar energy and international expansion. In return, it will help Solar Monkey customers to accelerate the transition to more solar energy even more effectively. You can read the full press release here!

8. Somnox

Somnox is excited to announce that they are listed in a Top 250 Scaleups list in the Netherlands for 2022. The Top 250 Scaleups list is one of the main research projects of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and is a leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe. Somnox represents one of 14 Dutch Health & BioTech companies that made it onto this year’s list. The company is eager to grow further and help 100 million people sleep better by 2030! You can find the complete list here. Somnox is expanding to the US market, an interview about that with Julian Jagtenberg can be found here.

9. Tiler

Tiler is happy to share that they have received an MIT R&D subsidy from the province of South Holland. With this subsidy, TILER, in cooperation with X.Bike, will develop the Charge&Lock solution, with which users of shared e-bikes can see in the App on which charging Tile they can park and be sure that the e-bike is charging before ending the reservation. This integration ensures that there are always fully charged e-bikes available and that the fleet manager spends less time and costs on charging-related activities. You can find the announcement here!

10. Envision

Envision is partnering up with Aira to create a unique combination of assistive technology with the potential to enhance the independence of blind people in unprecedented ways. From now on Envision Glasses customers with an Aira account can now place hands-free video calls to Aira Agents whenever and from wherever they choose. You can read more about the new partnership here.

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