Top 10 startup success stories of March.

Top-10 Startup Success Stories: March

Spring has brought to the YES!Delft startup’s many new challenges as well as new experiences and exciting moments. Read more and find out how startups are introducing their companies by attending various events, releasing new products, signing new agreements, entering new markets and many more in our top-10 startup success stories in this march edition.

1. Flux Medical Systems

Because of the need to make the healthcare system more efficient Flux Medical Systems rolled out a solution to optimize the process of workflow. They currently have several paid pilot projects underway that provide initial revenues to the company and are a great way for the team to learn and improve their product. Next to these initial revenues, Flux has also been funded by family and friends and a loan from InnovationQuarter. The team is also in discussions with other parties. Read more about their story here!

2. Envision

Envision showed up on Omroep West last week in a show called ‘Zo doen wij dat’ hosted by Johan Overdevest. It reveals the story behind Envision and some practical applications of Envision Glasses. The glasses tell blind people what they are looking at. They presented their product at CSUN Centre of Disabilities in California. There, they had a chance to demonstrate Envision Glasses to the legendary Stevie Wonder. He was curious and enthusiastic about the possibilities of the glasses. MedCity news and Intelligent Living also wrote an article about their product.


To give shoppers a reference point for the size of a phone, KPN‘s visitors now have the best shopping experience: they have the option to visually compare their future phone right next to a credit card. Check out the clean integration of our SizeWise feature in the video in this post.


On the 31st of March Nowi will be launching its newest chip. The unique features of Nowi’s latest design unlock a wide range of applications and fit their company vision. Special guests will be joining us to tell us about their experience with the new chip and our collaboration evolution. They will cover everything about the new chip in the presentation. In case you want to know more, you will get a chance to ask us at the end of the presentation in a Q&A session. Check out the registration site.


This month QBLOX have attended two big events – the American Physical Society (APS Physics) March Meeting and tech conference with 60k attendees! QBLOX were invited to represent the best of the Quantum Flagship at 4YFN – 4 YEARS FROM now (Mobile world congress in Barcelona). Also, they have been able to join the dutch delegation organised by the Netherlands Business Support Office Barcelona (NBSO), TNW, InnovationQuarter, Netherlands Point of Entry and Techleapnl. These exceptional events helped them to learn from key stakeholders in awesome venues around Barcelona.


Bi/ond, one of the world’s leading Organ-on-a-Chip technology firms, announced that its commercial and clinical success working with two of Europe’s top 10 leading medical centres has led to a total of over $4 million in funding, including investment from the leading industrial venture firm

Bi/ond’s technology has already been deployed across Europe, including at Leiden University Medical Center, where clinicians are making heart tissue using Bi/ond’s microchips and Erasmus University Medical Center where researchers are using patients’ own breast cancer samples to guide therapy. Bi/ond is led by Cinzia Silvestri, PhD., a leader in nanomaterials and silicon microfabrication for biotechnology who has also been acknowledged for advancing diversity in a male-dominated sector.

If you are interested to be part of a challenging and exciting environment, Bi/ond is looking for an inside sales specialist! Check the position via this link!

7. Whiffle

Pondera has entered into a license agreement to use Whiffle’s ultra-high-resolution atmospheric Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model for wind energy applications. The model will be mainly used to improve the wind energy modelling capabilities of Pondera in their consultancy projects, varying from wind resource assessments to advanced energy yield and wake studies, both onshore and offshore. Remco Verzijlbergh, Whiffle’s Director of Operations: “We are very happy to welcome Pondera as a client and to support them in making the break-through LES technology available for their clients. More information can be found in this post.

8. Sense Glove

CPO Gijs den Butter has co-authored a book about XR haptics together with Chris Ullrich from Immersion Corporation, Rafal Pijewski from Actronika SAS and Eric Vezzoli from Interhaptics

The book, ‘Haptics in XR: Design and Implementation is the result of hundreds of hours of interviews, discussions and pooling of knowledge of the four co-authors and their networks of expert colleagues, academics and industrial collaborators. It is a pragmatic step-by-step guide designed to enable real-world outcomes. Sense Glove is hoping that readers will find it useful to learn how to approach the implementation of haptics in a controlled way with clear milestones, deliverables, and risks along the way.

9. Praxa sense

Leonard Moonen is featured in an interview with Financieel Dagblad. The first wave of the corona pandemic made them realise their product had a wider purpose than originally intended. Their sensor helps doctors to monitor people at home. The company is growing and looking for staff, check out their available vacancies on their website!

10. FeedbackFruits

Feedback Fruits is proud to announce the new released updated and enhanced version of the Automated Feedback tool which is helping teachers save time and students improve learning with instant feedback on written work! Now automated feedback addresses errors in the citation, grammar and content structure, allowing teachers to spend less time correcting spelling mistakes and more developing cognitive skills and the critical argumentation of concepts. Students are able to develop their writing skills without having to depend just on the teacher’s time. Click on the link to learn more.

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