Top-10 Startup Success Stories: October

In October, autumn comes into full swing. As we enter the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, startups often think of new ways to reach potential customers that allow their businesses to continue growing and thriving and, of course, end the year with fantastic memories and achievements! Read more and find out how YES!Delft startups received outstanding awards for being the most promising deep tech companies, have been selected and represented as the top 100 best-designed products and many more beautiful accomplishments in our top-10 startup success stories in this October edition.

1. CleVR

Virtual Reality has proven to be effective in the treatment of (social) anxiety, panic complaints and suspicion. Therefore CleVR, together with MET ggz kicked off the virtual reality (VR) exposure therapy pilot! Seven practitioners have followed a training course provided by CleVR and will now work for a year on using VR during anxiety and phobia treatments. More info can be found here.

2. DuckDuckGoose

DuckDuckGoose AI  won the Digital Innovation Award 2022 at IDnext! DuckDuckGoose uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect deepfakes in a fast, reliable, yet insightful and explainable way. Their developed technology met all the assessments of the nomination criteria taking into account technological and commercial innovativeness, respect for privacy, potential impact, and added value for users and other stakeholders! Want to know more? Read the article about the DuckDuckGoose journey here!

3. IMSystems

The European Innovation Council (EIC) invests € 9 million in IMSystems with the goal to commercialize the Archimedes Drive. IMSystems invented the Archimedes Drive, a new highly precise speed reducer technology which is fundamental to enable the creation of more accurate robotic technologies. With this funding, EIC shows the importance of automation improvement in further strengthening the position of Europe. More about this can be found here.

4. AgriData innovations

AgriData Innovations will be the autopilot for farms of the future in order to future-proof food security and agricultural production. This will be realised by deploying imaging systems and crop monitoring AI, modelling crops to extract insights and intelligence and driving automation of controlled environment agriculture. Also, this year a startup had the privilege to be 1 of 8 outstanding deeptech startups that are making great strides in the Agri & Food sectors. More information about it can be found here.

5. Qlayers

Josefien Groot, CEO and co-founder of Qlayers, has won EY‘s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year of 2022 award! The independent jury was impressed by the enormous drive and vision of the young entrepreneur! Josefien will also be one of the speakers at the SHE LEADS in TECH event that will take place on the 17th of November at YES!Delft. Curious about the journey of Qlayers? Stay tuned! Next week we will release an article about it!

6. Respyre

Auke Bleij, a co-founder of Respyre, out of 9 Top Talents that focuses on concrete initiatives, on how we can green our cities, remove CO2 and nitrogen from the air, among others, has been nominated as the Top 1 ‘Most Innovative Student of the Netherland 2022’. Respyre developed a concrete and a concrete plaster that accommodates moss growth on its surface. With the bioreceptive concrete, Respyre turns any unused surface into an opportunity to bring vegetation into the urban environment. If you are interested in hearing all 9 pitches, you can find them here. Would you like to know more about Respyre’s journey? Read the article here!

7. Momo Medical

Momo Medical was announced as one of the winners at the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds! The winning startup will be invited to major national events aimed at international business, receive workshops in financing, tax, and legal affairs, tailor-made interviews with representatives from the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds International Network and more! Also  through NPEX, it was possible for everyone to invest in Momo Medical at the end of July. Within a week, a startup reached its target, and that is why Rudmer Hoekstra and Alan van Griethuysen visited their office on Wednesday to present an award and to reflect on this moment together.

8. Loop, Scoozy, Tiler, Super Sola, Hable one, Praxa Sense

YES!Delft startup products such as Praxa Sense, Loop, Scoozy, Tiler, Super Sola, and Hable one, a startup that participated in the SocialTech validation Lab, have been selected and represented as the 100 Best Dutch designed products that are not only a solution to the real problem but are also innovative and/or original, well designed by a Dutch designer or for a Dutch company and not older than 2 years.

9. Villari

Villari is excited to announce that it has secured EUR 350.000 in funding from UNIIQ – Finance for the Future. These funds will allow a startup to further develop its technology, install its sensor base and expand its team. They have several open vacancies that can be found here! Feel free to contact Villari if you’re interested in becoming part of the next leading company in structural health monitoring!

10. Tiler

Tiler is happy to announce that last week they launched a new product – Tiler UNO! The new design of the TILER Charge Tile and Charge Stand is even more robust, sleeker, and made with an eye on sustainability. The new Charge Stand is an accessory for a bike and is very easy to install. The Stand and the Tile are easy to maintain and repair when necessary and are designed for end-of-life recycling! The product is displayed on the Dutch Design Week in hall three at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.

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