Top-10 Startup Success Stories: February

Another month full of highlights, developments and news from our incubator. We have collected the top-10 succes stories for you in this article. Enjoy reading!

1. Talent overview and best entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Netherlands

This year’s Talent overview in FD contains at least 10 people from our ecosystem! We are so proud to have so much young talent around. The fact that our region is rated the best Entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Netherlands by Universiteit Utrecht and Birch Consultants shows that we have a strong network to build on!

2. Whiffle

Whiffle secures €3 million to accelerate energy transition with revolutionary weather model. The capital injection is financed by impact investors SHIFT Invest and ENERGIIQ. Read more about this news in this link and find a nice video in this LinkedIn post. 

Whiffle’s highly advanced weather model makes renewable energy production more predictable. The technology is of great value to the energy sector because better forecasts reduce the costs of weather risks. 

3. Gerrard Street

Headphones with a lifetime service guarantee, if something breaks it can be fixed. A sustainable, circular solution that prevents unnecessary waste. Musicians of the Metropole Orchestra have chosen these durable and comfortable headphones for their live performance on stage and in the studio. Gerrard Street is very proud and launched a limited edition, 30% of the sales of these headphones will be donated to the Metropole Orchestra. Read more in this post and the site of the Metropole Orchestra.

4. Hardt Hyperloop

Scale-up Hardt Hyperloop is growing and decided to move to a new building in Rotterdam. They are moving into an 800m2 space, which is twice as big as the current location. Hardt is also building an Experience Centre there, where in addition to experiencing the hyperloop, there will also be room for co-creation between the business community, knowledge institutes and the government for the further development of the hyperloop. The full story can be found on their website and this LinkedIn post from one of the founders.  

Hardt Hyperloop is involved in The Hyperconnected Europe initiative. The goals of the initiative are to explore various aspects of the future European hyperloop network, such as its layout, passenger and cargo services, stations, and impact on Europe’s sustainability goals. Read more about this initiative here or watch the video. On February 21st they revealed the design for the partners and on the 23rd for the general public. 

5. Manometric

Manometric has also recently moved to a larger facility in The Hague. YES!Delft awarded them with the Scale-up of the year award because of the growth they have shown in the past years. Their team expanded to 25 people in the last four years and is still growing. See their vacancies here. Recently the team partnered up with Maikel Lobbezoo and Jim van Eeden, through UNETI Labs and the Atomico Angel Programme. More information on that news can be read here.

6. Tarnoc

Tarnoc delivered a pilot in a home in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This is the first home in a pilot of 8 houses that will receive Tarnocs all-electric turbine heat pump. These products allow a fast transition from gas to electricity. The product fits in the same place as the original product and does not require any additional units outside of the house. The pilot is done together with De WarmteWissel. Read more information in this post.

7. Circularise

Circularise communicated they are partnering up with BEC GmbH, Grundfos, Minviro and REIA to lead a three-year innovation project. This project will help companies improve the transparency and sustainability of their supply chains when it comes to critical and rare earth materials. The company is growing and looking for more team members. They have been selected as a finalist of the Grand Prix ACF AutoTech. The Finals are on April 14th and can be attended online. They have also been selected in the second cohort of ENECHANGE Insight Ventures!

8. Nature’s Principles

SHIFT Invest and Jeroen van Rotterdam have announced they are investing in Nature’s Principles, see this post on LinkedIn. The investment will be used to expand the team and to test a larger scale pilot production. Check out the vacancies for open positions.


SOLHO develops solar off-grid energy systems to power horticultural projects, enabling unparalleled growth opportunities for greenhouse manufacturers. They are developing valuable local partnerships in the MENA region to boost solar thermal projects. Earlier this year they were selected among the four finalists in the global startup competition “Get in the ring” at the Dubai expo.

10. Sense Glove

TNO has created a Haptic Bimanual Telexistence System using SenseGlove DK1. The system enables the operator to interact with the environment many miles away by touching and feeling remote objects with the robotic arms. 

Thanks to force-feedback technology the operator gets to feel what the robot “feels”, experiencing the size and density of the remote objects. This concept could help military personnel and emergency services to safely undertake dangerous tasks. Read more in their LinkedIn post.  Sense Glove is listed as one of the Best Haptic VR devices 2022 by XR Today.

Next month the new Accelerator program will start again and we will present a new batch of startups to you after the 10th of March.






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