YES!Delft launches YES!Funded

YES!Delft launches YES!Funded: a brand-new initiative to support startups in their quest for funding

Startups need substantial funding to develop their products, as it happens to all highly innovative companies. However, the ‘funding journey’ may be arduous and startups are not always able to complete it successfully.

This is why at YES!Delft we have just launched a new service called YES!Funded, which has a unique flavour among all those offered by incubators all over our country. In a nutshell, YES!Funded assists entrepreneurs in their financial lifecycle strategy and finds money to fund their companies tapping into the most appropriate (private or public) available sources.

An active role in seeking funds for startups

The YES!Funded team plays an active role in seeking funds for companies: it does not just connect you with prospective investors or point you out at the right public funding source, but it actually negotiates deals with investors and writes grant applications for you. This means that entrepreneurs can focus on the growth of their companies while our YES!Funded team seeks the adequate ways to fund them.

The seniority of our team is another distinctive feature of YES!Funded as we have selected two of the most experienced professionals in The Netherlands to assist our startups in their quest for funding: Giovanni Pazienza and Jan Geert van Hall. Giovanni holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and in the last two years he has consolidated his position as one of the most successful grant writers in The Netherlands, with success rates in the Horizon 2020 programme that possibly are unmatched in Europe. Jan Geert was the group controller and chairman of the investment board of KPN before becoming CFO of a group of Dutch tech companies; he has an extensive network and an impeccable reputation among private investors.

The business model of YES!Funded is simple to explain: startups that receive funding thanks to the actions of the YES!Funded team pay a small success fee (below market standards) so that the initiative can be extended in time and expanded in scope. This way, successful startups will contribute to the growth of YES!Funded so that more companies can use this service.

Planning companies’ financial lifecycle strategy and much more

YES!Funded is not only about securing funding, but also about planning the appropriate lifecycle financial strategy for the startups. Giovanni and Jan Geert are also available to review financial plans and answer any doubt related to financing in general. Furthermore, they will be involved in the Validation Lab, Acceleration-, and Growth programs at YES!Delft. All in all, they will contribute to turn ‘inventors’ into successful entrepreneurs.

On January 31st, these first 5 YES!Delft companies have been officially enrolled in YES!Funded.

Apart from these 5 YES!Delft startups, there is room for many more candidates. Are you interested in this initiative? Check out the website or send an email to

Not a YES!Delft startup? No worries, YES!Funded is a national initiative that reaches beyond the borders of YES!Delft. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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