Meet this years EIT Health Teams

Last week we kicked-off our very first, fully online MedTech program! A record amount of 17 startups, from all over Europe, the UK and Turkey, are joining the 6th edition of this EIT Health Validation Lab for 8 weeks, to validate their business idea. Scroll down, and get to know them a bit better!

Meet this fantastic cohort yourself on the 27th of October at the Grand Finale. 


Berdac proposes the use of IMA Hub for patients alerting, medication dispensing and real-time adherence monitoring.

“Joining EIT Health Validation Lab is a new step forward for Berdac’s objective to monitor people’s treatment with chronic diseases, thus improving their health and providing peace of mind to their environment. We are convinced that IMA is a solution that will mark a before and after in medicine management, reducing health care spending, both public and private.”



Tackling major problems in elderly care, Visseiro allows the switch from hospital-centred sick care systems to a community based and integrated health care system.

“Our Goal is to provide Best Quality of Life for Elderly People: Healthy, Independent, Safe and At Home.”


Lucero is creating an automated, optics-based, solution to help cell biologists study and understand complex diseases at the single-cell level more effectively.

“In 5 years we see our technology helping scientists discover the keys to the next generation of personalized medicine.”

Crescent Technologies

Crescent Tech is developing an innovative and smart headcam system that facilitates remote peer-to-peer communication for telemedicine and medical education. The system provides a safe and comfortable way to record and live-stream the clinicians’ unique perspective and aims to keep a simple interface that allows plug & play interaction.

“We want to be the go-to headcam in healthcare education and want to help healthcare practitioners educate, communicate, and share knowledge more effectively by digitizing their medical space. We joined the EIT Health validation lab to help us realize this dream!”


Micro-Cosmos develops a dome on the beds of patients in hospitals, so that they can get their required rest. By shielding the patients from external sound and light, and creating their own environment, we make sure that patients sleep better and recover faster.

“We are sure the EIT Validation Lab will help us make a huge impact in improving the environment for patients to recover. At the end of the program we would like the patients and medical staff to be just as happy with our prototype as I was with our first demo version in the photo. “


GlakoLens is developing a proprietary biosensor embedded contact lens and its wearable readout system for 24-hour continuous monitoring of intraocular pressure fluctuations. Our technology will provide previously unattainable diagnostic information enabling personalised treatment options for better management of ocular hypertension and glaucoma.

“We hope to learn how to confirm the product-market fit for our technology and to take necessary actions to implement this methodology by going through this programme. Consequently, we hope that we can improve our product and business offering leading to the benefit of all stakeholders in the glaucoma field, starting with the patients and ophthalmologists.”


MindSave is developing a therapy to reduce the cerebrovascular damage that causes vascular dementia, thereby improving patients quality of life, offering new treatment options to physicians and saving the healthcare systems hundreds of millions in care costs.


Fusedbone provides streamlined workflows management and document creation system to enable hospitals to manufacture custom-made medical devices at the point of care.

“Fusedbone started with the idea of bringing 3D printed medical implants to hospitals, we pivoted as we understood that hospitals’ biggest problem is not 3D printing itself, but how to tackle with regulatory challenges. That’s when we pivoted to a fully online based workflow system to enable hospitals to produce regulated medical devices at the hospital.”

Lifelet Medical

Lifelet Medical is developing fully synthetic durable and sustainable heart valve leaflets for life, to improve the lives of patients with heart valve disease


Rocknroo is developing a smart pillow for inconsolably crying babies suffering from infantile colic. By emulating the principles of Kangaroo Care, our non-invasive hands-free solution will relieve the pain and discomfort brought by colic and allow parents to carry on with their daily activities.

“Hi, we are Rocknroo! We are developing a smart innovative solution for crying infants with the aim to make parenthood more enjoyable! Throughout our journey, we have accomplished many milestones, such as becoming one of the top 3 finalists at the Philips Innovation Award 2020, sharing our story with Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, and now, starting the EIT Health Validation Lab 2020 with YES!Delft. Our proudest moment thus far has been watching the first babies enjoying their time on Rocknroo!” 


“We at Quantana are committed to democratize accurate biomolecule quantification for research and diagnostics. Our technology constitutes a cost-effective alternative to currently available methods and our products will enable any laboratory to perform state-of-the-art biomolecule analysis. The EIT Health Validation Lab by YES!Delft is a unique and exciting opportunity for us to develop our business idea and find our product/market fit.


Virtuleap is a VR brain training game designed to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges.

“Within the next decade, VR brain training will become normalized as part of a healthy routine and regime, just like going for a run and eating a healthy diet. Our technology will help extend the quality of life of the elderly, help children with learning challenges, and empower employees and the general population to perform at their peak cognitive levels, particularly by better understanding and being able to train their weakest abilities in order to become more wholesome as enabled individuals.”

XTremedy Medical

XTremedy Medical is developing a treatment for Osteomyelitis (bone infections) to selectively eradicate infected tissues, improving surgical success rates (currently as low as 60%) and patients outcomes (reduce number of surgeries, treatment times and recurrence rates).


CradioCrown is a MedTech startup focused on the development of smart accessible technologies for the healthcare sector.


PointPressure is a non-invasive treatment system for patients with leg spasticity.

“We are PointPressure and we are fully committed to be the next big leap in non-invasive spasticity treatment. Our team is composed of: Ismael Ordoñez, a neuro-physiotherapist with a great experience in treating neurological disabilities and Marc Casellas, a mechanical engineer with over 8 years of experience in mechanical design and sales work. 
Together we have the goal that in 5 years we will be selling our device in Europe, and we will be extending our product to target overseas markets.”


Vesiq is developing the next generation of urodynamics, a diagnostic technique that is used to determine the cause of incontinence in a patient. Our solution will be more accurate, quicker and easier to use than existing systems.

“In 5 years we want to be one of the leading worldwide companies in incontinence diagnostics and treatment. We hope that the EIT Health Validation Lab will help us learn more about the best way to approach the international market.”

Biogemix Pharma

Biogemix Pharma integrates precision analysis of high dimensional data, construction of enriched knowledge models and validation of molecular diagnosis prototypes to develop precision medicine in age-related conditions with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases, physiological disorders and trauma.

Interested to see where the program will bring them? Join the Grand Finale of the EIT Health Validation Lab on the 27th of October, where the 10 most promising startups of this batch will give their final pitch.    

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