Online PITCHES during the Deep tech VALIDATION LAB

On the 21st of April our very first, fully online program kicked-off! 9 startups joined us for a 10 week program, to validate their business idea. Before the current pandemic we used to end the Validation Labs with a final event, where startup pitch the idea they worked on during the program. This time we asked our startups to sent in a pitch video, which makes it possible for us to create an even bigger online stage from them!  So are you interested to see where this period brought them? Watch the online pitches of our Deep Tech Validation Lab batch below!


FIX is a startup that wants to unlock the construction industry with affordable environmentally friendly houses. We take construction out of the age of craftsmanship into the age of eco-industry. Our houses are not built on a construction site, but manufactured with the latest green- technologies. Reducing construction time from years to months. Offering high quality architecture on a budget. Our houses are affordable, circular and energy and carbon neutral.


Correlimage developed the Corrosion Imager, a simple tool that researchers can use during the development of their next generation coatings. The Corrosion Imager makes use of scientifically proven image recognition software to assess the degradation in coatings and other surface treatments up to 10 times more accurate and is 3 times less expensive compared to the current methods. Interested to have this Corrosion Imager in your lab? Reach out to us and let’s organize a live demonstration!

Appsilon Enterprise

Appsilon Enterprise is a deep tech company that grows diamonds in the lab. We re-create the earth’s process to grow diamond. Our plasma chamber is like the Sun on the Earth. Atom by atom, the diamond lattice form and it’s the same with how diamond forms in nature. 

Diamond is a key material for future technologies like quantum. As Appsilon, we are here to make the highest quality diamond accessible for the  current sensor technologies. 

The Helia

At The Helia, we design, build and manufacture renewable energy systems that can deliver power wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Our goal is to make renewable energy the standard and not the exception.


Bluemethane will develop innovative technology and business models to capture methane emissions and generate energy from them, allowing selected hydropower plants around the world to generate up to 8% of additional installed capacity, even under the most challenging environmental conditions and with minimum or no intervention on the existing infrastructure.


Marc de Smit, Maria Montero and Gerrit Kool founded the startup NLR-RebelLion in 2020.  After many years of experience with metal 3D printing, they developed the SpreadChecker™ for measuring the powder performance in the printing process. This idea was born after disappointing results from the currently available testing tools for this purpose. NLR-RebelLion delivers easy-to-use inspection tools and qualification services for who is involved in 3D metal printing of high-tech products.

Flapper Drones

Flapper Drones takes inspiration from nature to develop animal-like flying drones for events, concerts, and theme parks.

Flapper Drones fly by flapping their wings, like hummingbirds and insects. Thanks to their light weight and soft wings, they can be operated safely near people. They produce natural, flapping sound, which, together with their animal-like appearance, makes them attractive and engaging, in comparison to conventional drones. They can be operated autonomously – individually or as a flock.


At SolvGE we are producing the world’s first hydrogen peroxide printer for on-site, on-demand and safe access to rocket grade hydrogen peroxide. With our printer, access to this green energetic fuel has never been more convenient, flexible and cost-effective. Our vision is to provide green sustainable solutions for the space propulsion industry and many others where hydrogen peroxide is currently in use. 

SolvGE, fuelling the rockets of tomorrow and more.


Hi, we are Berend and Jai’ Amir from IPCITA. We studied biology at the Utrecht University. We developed a method where we can directly capture CO2 from the atmosphere with microorganisms. These organisms are able to capture the CO2 and use it to grow. With this microorganism biomass, we produce a biobased form of carbonblack through an anaerobic burning process. Now we are looking for help in realizing our mvp and experts in growing biomass on a large scale.

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