26 Jun 2017

Q&A with Mazdak Zareei

YES!Delft’s ‘house doctor’ One of the main goals of an incubator is to provide entrepreneurs with an ecosystem that helps them grow. An incubator as…

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21 Jun 2017


The masters of airborne wind energy Wind is all around us and leveraging it as a clean energy source has become increasingly wide-spread in recent…

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20 Jun 2017


Why you will be sleeping with a robot soon EIT Health Bootcamp is an annual LaunchLab created by YES!Delft and EIT Health Partners and is…

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16 Jun 2017


Revolutionizing the robotics industry Machines and in particular robots are increasingly aiding – if not even substituting – people with their work. Yet, those machines…

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13 Jun 2017


Enabling the circular economy Recycling is the most critical step in achieving a sustainable, circular economy. Simply put: bringing products back to their building blocks…

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8 Jun 2017


Ear defender system for the heavy industries EIT Health Bootcamp is an annual LaunchLab created by YES!Delft and EIT Health Partners and is designed to…

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6 Jun 2017


Harnessing the power of wind Wind is one of the cleanest sources of energy around us, but learning to harness its power is no easy…

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19 May 2017

Introducing Evert Jaap Lugt

We have a new Managing Director! As per 1 June 2017, Evert Jaap Lugt, will join the YES!Delft team full-time. Evert Jaap Lugt, or EJ,…

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3 May 2017


Lighting the future For Chintan, not wasting energy is not just in his genes anymore. Today, it is also part of his entrepreneurial endeavor that…

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21 Apr 2017

YES!Delft and Rabobank prolong partnership during Meet the Startups

DELFT, 20 april 2017 – Rabobank and YES!Delft are close partners ever since the start of our incubator in 2005. Both parties announced to prolong…

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