Tarnoc: The heat pump technology that will help make homes more sustainable

Heat pump technology is a sustainable solution that has a lot of potential on the global market and – in due time – can help replace standard gas cooling and heating systems. Tarnoc – an innovator and designer of heat pump technology, and a member of the YES!Delft community – has made it its business mission to provide affordable heating solutions for Dutch households.

A heating system that is future-proof

The idea for Tarnoc came about as a result of its founders’ shared interest in heat pump technology. Tijmen de Jong and Vincent Wijdeveld both agree that heating systems have plenty of potential to become more sustainable and heat pumps are one way to achieve that. 

“At the moment, heating is largely done by using natural gas and we believe heat pumps are a replacement of that,” Tijmen says. “The problem with most heat pump solutions currently on the market, though, is that they are quite expensive. We see huge potential in solving this and believe that we can achieve that with our technology.” 

Tarnoc focuses on the electrification of Dutch households and understands the eco-friendly advantages heat pumps can bring. A lot of houses in the country are poorly – and at times not at all – insulated, which makes them very difficult to warm up. Heat pumps have the capacity to do away with that challenge. 

What’s more, “the Dutch have a resistance to the outside component,”, says Tijmen, pointing out that you don’t see many air conditioning systems in The Netherlands. Tarnoc’s solution seems to be just the right fit. “Because of their high capacity, our heat pumps can work entirely indoors and successfully transfer heat throughout the whole household.”

Vincent adds to the discussion by acknowledging that Tarnoc wants to end up replacing gas boilers instead of being just another solution next to them. This secures the company an advantageous position over its competitors.

Adopting a ‘learning by doing’ approach

In 2021, the team achieved one of its biggest milestones to date, as it successfully installed its first heat pump with a launching customer. Tarnoc’s launching customers are housing corporations, some of which have already shown interest in collaborating with the business in the future.

The startup has expanded its horizons by joining the YES!Delft Validation Lab in 2019, followed by their participation in the Accelerator Program a year later. The YES!Delft community has helped the team learn what it takes to run a company and secure their first customer. 

It has also brought them another key lesson – “to look for funding even if we don’t need it at the moment”, says Vincent. After all, there is no better time than the present to build a strong investor network. Funding for the company so far includes grants, subsidies and revenues gained from putting their first system on the market. 

In the coming months, the company will start testing eight new systems, along with expanding by adding an engineer to their team. They are looking forward to the initial results of their first project to be able to integrate the learnings in future iterations of their heat pump technology. Tarnoc has adopted a ‘learning by doing’ approach, which is bound to keep them moving forward and continuously improving their products. 

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