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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: July

Summer is not slowing our startups and scale-ups down! Dutch Analytics, Physee, Qblox and The Helia all had exciting news to share! Curious about their stories? Read on in this month’s top 10 startup success stories!

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1. Dawn Aerospace

One of the top 10 startup success stories, The aviation startup, located in Delft and Christchurch, unveiled its new spacecraft. The Mk-II Aurora has the capacity to fly to the edge of space, which is at an altitude of 100 kilometres, before it flies back to the runway autonomously. After landing, the spacecraft only needs to be refuelled and is able to make a new space flight within a few hours. The Mk-II Aurora will be the first vehicle in the world that can do this, and is currently in preparation for an intensive test flight campaign for the next 12 months.

2. Dutch Analytics

The YES!Delft The Hague based startup Dutch Analytics just released their new major version (v2.1) of the Xenia platform. They made improvements to the underlying architecture, which results in better performance, faster response times and higher reliability of Xenia.

3. DeNoize

The startup announced that they are currently conducting a research with support of the Royal Schiphol Group. With the research DeNoize is gaining insights into the perception of aviation noise by local residents’, and how this affects the quality of life.

Would you like to know more about DeNoize? We just published an article about this startup!

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4. Envision

Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant wrote a really nice article about Envision, and the smart glasses they developed for blind and visually impaired. And did you know that the first hundred copies of the Envision glasses will be send next month already?

5. UV Smart

The startup, who developed an innovative solution based on UV light that helps disinfect medical instruments and devices within seconds, obtained substantial financing from the Rabobank. With this investment UV Smart is able to further accelerate their market introduction (internationally).

6. SLAM Ortho

Also the MedTech startup SLAM Ortho successfully applied for the Rabobank Innovation Loan. The funding will give the startup boost their development and bringing the technology to hospitals and patients.

7. Physee

The scale-up Physee developed a coating for greenhouse horticulture that increases the yield of the crop. Their application to the Rabobank’s Innovation Fund was honoured with an award of € 50,000 for a test programme.

In addition, a little shout out to Physee for organising the GESTE Summer School. With this project Physee interactively taught children from 9 different primary schools in The Netherlands how they can contribute to the energy transition. They’ve learned that diversity, creativity and teamwork are the core ingredients of innovation, while having lots of fun at the same time!

8. Qblox

Qblox received an investment by UNIIQ to make quantum computing scalable. Their technology will eventually enables quantum computer users worldwide to solve complex and socially relevant issues.

9. McNetiq

The Rotterdam-based company, that has developed a technology that allows steel anchors to be realised safely with magnets, just launched their new line of magnetic anchors for fall protection when working at height.

10. The Helia

Joshua Vasilda, the co-founder of The Helia, only just finished our Deep Tech Validation Lab and already got selected for the DJ100, a list of the 100 most innovative people working in the field of sustainability. Congrats!

As you may have noticed, it was another month full of investments! Do you need help with your funding plan, and would you like to get matched to our investor network?

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