TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: September

YES!Delft start- and scale-ups were celebrating a lot of successes again this month. From securing funds to developing new solutions and partnering up with big corporates. Furthermore, have you already seen the world’s first living coffin? Find out all about it in this month’s top 10 startup success stories!

1. T-Minus

The Aviation startup T-Minus announced that their DART rocket took its first flight this month to the edge of space from Koonibba in Australia. This was Australia’s first ever launch of a commercial space-capable rocket!

2. UV Smart

The MedTech startup’s UV-C disinfection device received the royal attention from Dutch King Willem-Alexander at Schiphol Airport. Since this month the ECD device of UV Smart has been on display at the airport to disinfect passengers’ belongings. Further, together with sport center De Uithof in The Hague and The Grid – Racing, UV Smart came up with an innovative solution to disinfect multiple karting helmets at the same time: a UV-C disinfection unit.

3. Loop

One of the latest additions to our ecosystem presented the world’s first living coffin made from mycelium. With the startups Living Cocoon they aim to use living materials that enrich nature, instead of polluting the environment with dead materials. And the first of the initial limited batch of ten Living Cocoons was already used for a funeral this month.


4. Qlayers

Meet industry’s first automated paint robot: 10Q™. This robot uses cutting-edge technology that transforms the traditional method of coating large-scale industrial surfaces into a controlled semi-automatic process.

5. Circularise

The YES!Delft The Hague based startup raised €1.5 million in funding. With this support, Circularise can fuel the continued growth of their collaborative project for circularity in the plastic industry.

6. ADI & Pats Indoor Drone Solutions

Both Aviation startups got nominated for the T&U Innovation Prize! All 6 nominees will pitch their innovation on the 6th of October, at the Hero Festival, and the winning team will go home with a knowledge voucher worth €25.000,- to further develop their innovation together with the TU Delft AgTech Institute.

7. FeedbackFruits

The EdTech scale-up FeedbackFruit partnered with Microsoft to provide their engaging courses for Microsoft Teams users. The aim of FeedbackFruits is not to replace live-learning, but to change the idea behind it. By using a tool like Interactive Presentation, the company can help Teams users to use their slides in a way that is engaging and beneficial for students.

8. DeNoize

Dyson celebrated the national winners of the James Dyson Award 2020. Among these winners is Ammos, a home audio system that produces music through a sheet of glass, which is a product by DeNoize. The speaker is built from ecologically sound materials, promotes repairability and product longevity.


9. Effect.AI

Effect.AI, the blockchain and cryptocurrency startup, announced that their EFX token is now listed on KuCoin. The supported trading pair is currently EFX/BTC, and will later also be available as EFX/USDT.

10. Hardt Hyperloop & PHYSEE Technologies

Techleap introduced the 11 high potential tech scale-ups that are part of the second batch in the Techleap Rise Program, with the theme ‘Flattening the climate curve’. Both Hardt Hyperloop and PHYSEE Technologies made it to this batch!

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