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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: April

We started working from home almost six weeks ago already, and although it feels like more and more people are getting used to this new situation, we are still in a crisis. With this in mind, we are extra proud of our startup, who keep on building tomorrows leading firms from home. Their hard work led into us sharing another month of successes with you, all made possible by them! Here are some inspirational success stories for a business idea.

1. SD-Insights

A business idea SD-Insights has attracted its first investment. Three investors have bundled their capital and knowledge, and started to helping SD-Insights their coaching app NEXTdriver, which will make sure that the logistics sector is and remains sustainable and safe on the road.

2. Aquablu

The CleanTech startup announced that it will join forces with Waterluxe, a Dutch company specialist in water softening. Together they would like to make clean drinking water accessible to everyone in The Netherlands and Belgium.


This startup donates a set of chips to EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), which will be used for a Lung-on-Chip model. This donation will enable quick and effective drug testing. BI/OND challenges other Organ-on-Chip companies to start contributing as well by donating to research groups.

4. Mapiq

Although this post is called ‘Top 10 Startup Success Stories’ there is obviously also room for our scaleups. Mapiq, a developer of smart office software, got an investment of € 3.4 million. This capital injection, done by energy innovation fund ENERGIIQ, informal investors and existing shareholders, will be used to scale up the software platform of Mapiq.

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5. Craytive Technologies

This brand new edition to our ecosystem just launched their website, with which they kicked off their search for early adapters to test their initial versions. The startup incorporates 3D Geological models into a real world environment using Mixed and Augmented Reality, to optimize the 3D modeling processes and team collaboration around the globe.

6. FeedbackFruits

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, colleges and universities are in the need of solutions to continue their lectures online. University Business has listed FeedbackFruits as one of these solution providers, because they offer higher education resources at no charge. All institutions can now use their LMS tools without any financial costs until September 2020.

7. Nurtio Technologies

Nurtio Technologies, the startup incorporating the smart sensors and AI into the indoor gardening process, has received €300.000 of funding from the RvO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). This capital will help Nurtio finish their new prototype, go through the certification process, and prepare the product for the market launch. Now they continue working in their business idea.

8. Physee Technologies

Together with Kindow and Luxaflex, PHYSEE Technologies introduced a new energy-generating facade concept. The concept consist of PHYSEE’s energy-efficient glass facade and Kindow’s intelligent roller blinds, which provides 65% more daylight in buildings and 20% energy savings on cooling, heating and lighting. Luxflex supplies the mechanical systems and a premium awning fabric.

9. Philips Innovation Award

ADI (Applied Drone Innovations) and DeWarmte got selected as two of the five Innovators to compete at the Grand Final of the Philips Innovation Award 2020, which is the largest student-entrepreneur award in The Netherlands. On May 18th we will hear who is going to be this years winner.

10. Circularise

The Blockchain startup got selected by the Plug and Play Tech Center Italy, for their 12-week Business Development Program in the Sustainability Batch. The goal of Circularise is to focus on their development, according to expressed industry challenges and prepare themselves for implementing this with corporate partners.

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