TOP-10 Success Stories December

Top 10 Startup Success Stories: December

Our startups and scale-ups have celebrated lots of successes in this last month of 2021. New measures against the pandemic are forcing everyone to reduce contact, however we continue to do business, receive funding, expand teams and win pilots!

Good news for all startups is that the InnovationQuarter’s own fund – IQCapital – will be expanded with € 63.6 million to a total size of € 140 million. Read more about this here: € 64 mln for IQCapital at fund expansion

1. DuckDuckGoose

DuckDuckGoose, one of our latest Accelerator Batch startups is featured in the AD with an interview. They are a deepfake detection startup on a mission to create a digital environment where we can still believe what we perceive.

2. ADI

Agridata Innovations (ADI) has been awarded 3 stars in the domain of Sensing & Data Collection 🌱on the Tech50 during the Hillenraad Tech50 event. Read more in this post on LinkedIN. See a video of the event here. Did you know ADI is also looking for new colleagues? Check out their vacancies on our talent list.


BBBLS receives € 1,2 M EU Funding to build an Energy Saving Greenhouse for Koppert Cress, read more on this website and this article or in their LinkedIn post. We are excited to announce that BBBLS has been awarded a generous donation by the Rabobank Westland Innovation Fund!  They are part of ImpactCity and presented at the Delft Startup Night, organised by the YES!Delft Students.

4. Micro Cosmos

Micro Cosmos had started a pilot at the Radboudumc and they are also testing their product at the Isala, CWZ and Sint Antonius hospital, the staff and patients responded very positively to this. See this post for more information. They recently received the Rabobank Innovation Loan to further boost their business. Micro-Cosmos develops a dome behind the bed of patients. The Micro-Cosmos dome reduces the external stimuli and gives the patient more privacy and comfort. In this way, sleep and recovery is improved.

5. Yooom BV, Flux Medical Systems & Hello 24/7

Beginning of December we organised the SocialTech Startup Network Series and our Yooom BV won the second prize in the pitch battle with their 123Family app. Hello 24/7 was awarded the first prize: a pilot with the municipality of The Hague. Flux Medical Systsems also joined the event, just after returning from Paris where they participated in Hellow Tommorow Summit. You can watch the recording and the aftermovie of the SocialTech Startup Network Series. Great to see so many startups in the Social Domain, providing innovative technological solutions for people that need care.

6. Breeze

Breeze organised 13.000 dates so far and had an interview with FD, you can read all about it in this article. Their dating app does not include endless chatting but sends you out on a date to meet in person. Would you like to work for Breeze and bring people together? Check their vacancies on our website.

7. Lanefyld

Lanefyld also participated in the SocialTech Startup Network Series and participated in our Accelerator Program. They are currently in discussion with iZi ambassadors to find out what elderly find important in the functionality of a rollator.  Lanefyld wants to become the “Tesla” of the rollator market. In the iZi home technology and care come together in a test environment that can benefit both the development of new technology and the inhabitants. More information in the video of this post.

8. Senseglove

Gijs den Butter from Senseglove is featured in this cool video of TUDelft Campus. SenseGlove allows you to feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impacts and resistance of any virtual object, so you can experience digital worlds, through intuitive real-world behaviour. Would you like to see how that works? Check this review! SenseGlove is also part of a consortium for training medical staff, named Digital United Training Centres for Healthcare (DUTCH)! Beginning of January they will be present at CES 2022 in Las Vegas! The startup is looking for extra hands so check their website for vacancies!

9. Aqua Battery

Aqua Battery BV, has won the EIC Accelerator subsidy. The European Innovation Council (EIC) supports innovative companies: from fundamental research to startups and scale-ups focussed on DeepTech innovations. They started their entrepreneurial journey with a Validation Lab at YES!Delft. Their solution has been used in a pilot at the Green Village. Thanks to this grant, they are able to accelerate and make a big leap towards delivering our saltwater-based flow battery to new partners and customers. Read more in their LinkedIN post.

10. E-Trailer

Sometimes our startups grow out of the building in Delft and need more space for production, assembly or offices, like E-Trailer. In this link you can read more about this step. E-Trailer indicated in this article that they value the fact that they are surrounded by other startups at YES!Delft, that we have a pool table, table tennis and our Friday afternoon drinks to connect with others in our ecosystem. Did you know that E-Trailer has been selected to the Innovation top 100 of the Chamber of Commerce

Next to YES!Delft a new building is rising, named Next. This building gives room for entrepreneurs that need more office- or maker space. Another option in Delft is the Kabel District, a place where working and living come together. In Rijswijk de Loods is a new location where startups can rent office space and stay connected. Good to see that there are more and more options available for startups in the region. A complete overview of workspaces can be found at the site of TechLeap.

This month a new facility opened in our YES!Delft building: the Makerzone. A place where startups can use state of the art tools and equipment to create new products.  

Are you inspired by these success stories and ready for the next step? Sign up for our Validation Lab or Accelerator program and accelerate your business, find the right people for your team and get access to funding. Join YES!Delft!

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