Top 10 Startup Success Stories: January

2022 started in lockdown again, but that did not hold our startups back. Some visited CES2022 in Las Vegas and presented their technology on television; others got seed funding or were nominated for an award. In this article, you will find all the highlights for January.

1. Venturi

Venturi electric aircraft

The Venturi team has revealed the design of the Echelon One, an electric commuter aircraft. This aircraft can transport 44 people at a distance of up to 550km. Will this be the future of sustainable travel? After the unveiling event, the press responded with lots of articles. Volkskrant wrote about the event in this article. You can see an animation of the design of the Echelon One here. How do we envision aviation in the future? You can read and hear about it at BNR Nieuwsradio. A sneak peek preview of the future by Maarten Steinbuch writes about future mobility.

Our YES!Funded team is assisting them in the first investment round of 3.75 million euros that will allow them to move on to the next stage of the development: conceptual design. Dutch-shape will help Venturi develop the plane, read more here.

We interviewed Jan Willem Heinen to find out more about the story behind Venturi.


2. Nowi

The year 2022 started with a visit to Las Vegas for the founders of Nowi. They were a CES 2022 Innovation Award honoree and presented their technology as part of the Dutch delegation. In addition to that, they released information about their partnership with Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) communication service provider. Their CEO Simon van der Jagt explains why Nowi was created, how our Energy Harvesting technology works and why it is a credible solution to reduce e-waste in this interesting Dutch article from Het Financieele Dagblad. They are a company to keep an eye out for as TU Delft Campus put in on LinkedIn. The company is growing; they recently hired a CTO and are looking for more people to join the team! Also, check out their open innovation program.

3. Feedback Fruits

Dutch EdTech scale-up FeedbackFruits wins two awards at “The educational Oscars”. Selected from over 1100 submissions for the Reimagine Education Awards 2021, the company succeeded in two categories. FeedbackFruits won the Gold Award in the ‘E-Learning’ category for their active learning Tool Suite and the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ category for their Automated Feedback tool. Read more about it in this article. And this interview with CEO Ewoud de Kok on Silicon Canals. They are mentioned by Cornell University as one of the successful teaching technologies that help instructors build collaboration in online learning. This month they also released an update of their product!

4. Tective

This startup joined the YES!Delft Accelerator Program in the fall of 2021 and appeared in this article from AD. They started testing their technology at a farm in Reusel. Their mini drone airport is set up to gather precision data on the crops during the growing season.

This data eTective drone airport at a farmnables the farmer (van den Borne – see image ) to dose the pesticide more precisely, reduce costs and reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, the National Technology Project SPEAR started, cooperation with Delft Dynamics, Avalor AI and TNO to develop an unmanned aerial system with the SkyHive. The SkyHive is developed in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Army and is now used in multiple use cases such as agriculture. More information on this project can be found on the Tective website.

5. Momomedical

Menno Gravemaker experienced the power of networking. In this article, you can read all about his experience in the USA where he temporarily moved to expand his business. Now back in Delft, he mentioned to TU Delft Campus: “We aim to grow in the US and the Netherlands and become 4 to 5 times as large in the coming year.” Read more in this LinkedIn post.

6. Unpluq

Unpluq team with mobile phone showing the Unpluq app

In 2021 Unpluq saved more than 6200 hours of screen time, increased the number of users by 662% and expanded internationally. In this LinkedIn post, you can find more statistics. Bright tested the tool; see this article in the RTL Nieuws Tech section.

We interviewed Unpluq to find out more about their entrepreneurial journey.


7. VideowindoW

Projection on window from Videowindow

At CES 2022, VideowindoW managed to get noticed by FOX Business TV – see the broadcast In this link! Great exposure for this promising technology. MT/Sprout also wrote about the CES2022 and mentioned VideowindoW. After receiving the ‘CES Innovation Award,’ they are also considered best of innovation in the category ‘Smart Cities’.

8. XO Sight

MT/Sprout nominated XO Sight for the startup of the year award! They wrote this article about XO Sight. You can vote for them at this link: Vote for Startup of the Year

9. Loop

After winning the Philips Innovation Award, Loop got in touch with Graduate Entrepreneur. The result of this connection is a pre-seed investment! Well done Loop! Read more in this Linkedin post. MT/Sprout also nominated Loop for the startup of the year award; see this link: Vote for Startup of the Year ( TU Delft Campus recently wrote this article about Loop.

10. Nature’s Principles

Nature's Priciples

Nature’s Principles joined YES!Delft in the fall of 2021 and have entered the Accelerator Program with us. In this article from TU Delft Campus, you can read more about their experiences. In May last year, they were also interviewed by TU Delft Campus; you can find that here. Last month they hired their first employee! This month they raised €500k to develop a new, more sustainable lactic acid production process, read the full article here!



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