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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: January

Did you come up with a new business idea while celebrating New Years Eve? Yes, read our startup success stories, see what other startups achieved and get inspired. This month we will share stories about new distribution agreements that were signed, announcements of commercial availability and commercial orders. In addition, some startups received funding and others secured investments. Read on and find out all about the January startup success stories from our tech incubator:
1 ADI 

They announced their first commercial order by Beekenkamp Plants, a Dutch family-owned business. Together they will work on developing a mobile data collecting platform. This client will receive information about the germination process and the quality of their crops. ADI makes this possible by collecting data through autonomously drones operating inside the greenhouse. 

2 Praxa sense 

The medTech startup received a 15.000€ Innovation Fund by Rabobank! This will enable them to further develop their device Afi in partnership with the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft. Afi is a small sensor used for long term monitoring and an early detection of common heart rhythm diseases and can therefore prevent strokes.


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Together with the smartwatch module company MMT Swiss Connect Nowi announced commercial availability of the Hybrid Smartwatch! The use of Nowis advanced energy harvesting power magnet makes it possible to create a watch that doesn’t need charging anymore. The watch offers many more sustainable features. Find out more.

Atmos UAV

They signed a new distribution agreement with Thai SKY Vision! In collaboration with their new distributor they will offer their high-end VTLO drone, Marlyn, to local professionals in Thailand and provide them with support and maintenance. Marlyn can map and surveying, even in harsh and windy conditions.



Is it possible to transport water without the use of fuel or electricity? Yes, aQysta makes it possible. After their successful implementation of their pump in Ethiopia, they now installed two Barsha Pumps in Zimbabwe. The community can now enjoy drinking water for their livestocks, irrigation and aquaculture.


The Het Financieele Dagblad featured ParkBee as an example for an innovative scale-up. Parking is extremely expensive and it gets harder every day to find a free parking space in major cities. ParkBees’ application solved that issue by partnering up with providers such as Parkmobil or Park-line to allow their users to park in their garages. 


NEON is a multi-disciplinary research project focusing on the transition to renewable energy in the Netherlands. Kitepower’s co-founder, Roland Schmehl, will be contributing to this project. Together with TU Delft and Ampxy Power they will focus on the NEON Wind Energy section with the goal of developing new methods and techniques to improve the energy transition.


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Envision announced their compatibility with smart glasses! Their app enables blind and low vision users to speak out visual words around them. Now they can provide their users a hand free experience especially when being outdoors. They are planning their first commercial availability in July this year.


There are many solutions out there to protect children from falling out of their bed, but none is portable. CloudCuddle, recently recognised as a social enterprise, solved that problem and are now in the process of developing CloudCuddle Senior. For further development they received a 20.000€ Innovation Fund by Rabobank! Moreover, founder Lotte Leufkens was featured in V!VA and was interviewed about her experiences as a female entrepreneur.

10 IMSystem

The robotic startup receives an investment from ABB Technology Ventures and InnovationQuarter! They can now prepare their innovation Archimedes Drive for commercial use. Their innovation is the first breakthrough in the transmission system in sixty years. Instead of using conventional cogs with fragile teeth to produce torque their innovation drives on harness fraction.


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