TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: March

In light of the ongoing pandemic it is very quiet at both our offices, but all our startups are still working hard to keep on building tomorrow’s leading firms from home! To hopefully spread some positive vibes in this ongoing strange and difficult situation, we will share this month’s Top 10 Startup Success Stories with you! Stay healthy, and we hope to see everyone soon again.

Multiple startups are busy with implementing their technologies to fight the corona virus. We already shared a blogpost with you last week, which was dedicated to these startup. But although we mentioned them before, we couldn’t leave them out of the Top 10 Startup Success Stories of this month, because of all the successes they are booking within the current crisis. So we start this months successes off with these startups!

1. VFA Solutions B.V.

It was already a few weeks ago, when Dutch television program Hart van Nederland interviewed Founder of VFA Solutions B.V., Eliane Khoury, who creates devices that destroy all harmful substances in the air, including the corona virus. Since the virus many new customers have come forward. “The corona crisis feels like the last droplet that the market needed to realize the importance of proper air quality and its impact on people’s health,” says Eliane.

2. UV Smart

Oral masks are normally used only once but due to the current shortage UV Smart started to look at different ways to disinfect and safely reuse them. Hospitals started with the disinfection of mouth masks with UV Smarts’ prototype of UV light equipment. This prototype is a derivative of an existing UV-C disinfection device, which just received the official proof that it reduces viruses on oral masks with 99.999%.

3. Somnox

Everybody probably knows that sleep is essential for a good health, but did you also know that sleep is an amazing immune system booster? This made Somnox, the startup that knows all the ins and outs about sleep, decide to make all their sleep-knowledge available for free. They went even further, by making some of their products available to borrow for healthcare employees, so they can get the rest they deserve. To top this off, Somnox started to use their 3D-printers to make ventilation masks out of sports brand Decathlons snorkeling masks. They will deliver these to the hospital, to help them prepare for the expected peak.

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4. Delmic

For patience who need to be examined at the hospital, this startup developed a the DAAD (Diagnose At A Distance) system, which makes it possible for medical staff to examine potential patients without being in direct contact with them. “Our current proposal is not in our core business at all so that has been a big change,” says CEO Sander den Hoedt. Yet a change that he and his team have embraced in order to help minimise the impact of the coronavirus.

5. Innovattic

This startup has been approached by the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center) to develop is a CoronaBox with a thermometer and an oxygen saturation measurement device. This box makes it possible for potential corona patients to stay at home and do the necessary measurements from there. “That way, they will not infect other people in the hospital and at the same time, the box can help monitor them from their home in case their health deteriorates fast”, says Lauwerens Metz, CEO of Innovattic.

6. Envision

Besides all the corona virus related initiatives, our startups also booked other successes. Like the YES!Delft The Hague based startup, Envision, who launched their pre-ordering campaign. With their new AI-powered smartglasses, Envision empowers the blind and visually impaired to be more independent. Watch the amazing campaign video below!

7. Polytential

This startup made their first sale. Their quality analysis tool, the Virtual Chemist, is at the National Test center for Circular Plastic this month, where it will be used to gain insight in the material composition after plastic packaging has been sorted. In addition, Polytential also received a grant of €50.000, after being one of the winners of the P>Act Challenge.


This startup joined forces with Dutch tech company Lightyear, who is creating a solar car with a focus on range and efficiency. Within this collaboration, VIBES’ expertise is used to set up a robust sound and engineering process, which is an important step towards further growth and acceptance of electric vehicles.

9. Clevr

The MedTech startup Clevr was part of the television program Nieuwsuur from the NOS, where the increasing popularity of VR glasses in mental health care was discussed. The VR glasses are causing a revolution in the mental health care, because virtual reality is changing therapy from talking to doing. That means practicing in a customized world and applicable for a wide range of complaints.


The construction companies BAM Infra Nederland, Ballast Nedam and Heijmans joined forces to develop applications. The companies have opted for an open collaboration in which they collectively automate on the VIKTOR platform, which enable builders to jointly build their own online applications. The first application has already been launched within three months, and was presented to the entire construction industry.

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