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Worldwide, about 1 truckload of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every minute. That is 8 million tons of plastic waste per year.

It is estimated that annually more than 3 million kilos of plastic waste goes to the North Sea via the Dutch rivers.

In countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, … the challenge is way higher.

Noria is a company that develops sustainable methods and techniques to remove plastic waste from the water close to the source.

In order to reach this, research is first conducted into a specific situation so that an optimally appropriate solution can be realized.

With this approach we analyse the natural conditions such as water current and wind direction.

By selecting the location where the plastic drifts, no external energy source is needed and the waste problem can be tackled in a sustainable and affordable way.

By cooperating with nature and removing the plastic close to its source, harmful substances can be prevented from entering the environment.

This is partly because the decomposition process from macro to microplastics has not yet taken place.

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