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ProRail ERTMS Innovation Partnership Challenge

ProRail ensures that the Netherlands is connected by a rail network, which their passengers and commodity carriers feel comfortable using. To achieve this they currently equipe the tracks and trains with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), the new standard for train safety. This system is an important step towards the digitisation of rails and offers potential benefits in terms of reliability, speed, increasing capacity and facilitating cross-border train traffic.

The aim of ProRail is to install the ERTMS in all trains by 2022, and on the busiest stretches of tracks by 2030. To be able to give shape to these ambitions, ProRail needs innovations. Especially because they expect a growth in rail usage, to over 40% until 2040, which means that even more trains will have to run on their already busy network.  ProRail will therefore be introducing a new train safety system in the coming years. One of their biggest operations ever.

Innovation solutions

If ProRail starts rolling out the ERTMS according to their current processes, and using only existing products, they won’t be able to achieve national coverage until 2050. That is why they are looking for new solutions to roll out the system faster, which will result in less inconvenience, and lower costs. Specifically ProRail has four issues for which they are looking for solution providers:

  1. The objects of ERTMS must be able to receive power and data. How is ProRail able to replace the current process of digging and laying cables for a new solution that is faster and less expensive?
  2. Smarter housing: the introduction of ERTMS enables a combination of housings: power supply, signalling and ICT equipment. ProRail is looking for enclosures that are climate-proof, circular, CO2-neutral and quick to install (for example, because they are already prefabricated elsewhere).
  3. Smart building along the track: thousands of objects (balises, stop-marker signs, axle counters, etc.) have to be placed in and directly around the track. ProRail is looking for a smart solution that allows them to limit inconvenience to travellers and commodity carriers as much as possible when placing the objects.
  4. Faster design: ProRail is looking for a solution that reduces the design phase from months to weeks or even days.

In addition to these four issues, there is also the possibility of participating with a so-called ‘Wildcard’. Especially meant for entrepreneurs who have an innovation that does not match the described issues but can contribute to the challenges around ERTMS.

Are you able to provide a solution for one or more challenges of ProRail?

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