Rutger Arisz


COO/CEO with experience in strategy development and implementation, business concept modification, changing to practical and efficient working methods, team development and stakeholder acceptance. I step up in times of a crisis or challenge and I typically do this in an unconventional way out-of-the-box engaging the capabilities of the team.

High performance in new environments is something I have exhibited in various roles. I have done this as the COO of Ajax, a volunteer and Supervisory Board member at The Ocean Cleanup, a VP at JFK IAT New York and currently as the chairman of the Dutch Rowing Federation. I started doing it as a world class (WCh Gold) Olympian at age 19.

My strengths are my sharp analysis skills, (co-)thinking about unconventional but practical solutions and in the implementation of these solutions. I am energetic, positive and result oriented: ‘Can do’! My network is particularly strong in sports and aviation but my capacities should thrive in any non-corporate business especially a hands on operational, technical or production environment.

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