Roy kok, Brent kok, Jelle Tiemensma


Smart-Ship is on a mission to improve safety and sustainability in the maritime industry! They do this by implementing force feedback technology, also known as haptics, on traditional ship controls. This means that they link their levers (throttle, tiller, azimuth, joystick) with a haptic algorithm to transfer crucial information to operators through forces and/or vibrations during complex operations. This results in a reduced fuel consumption and increased safety and efficiency through a better situational awareness for the operators. Their technology is focused on transferring information as intuitively as possible to the operators and thereby creating a form of haptic shared control. This also allows remote controlled shipping, since they’re transferring crucial information to the shore control center.

Smart-Ship’s products can be applied all over the maritime industry, from small fast ships to dredging vessels, from simulation environments to inland vessels, and many more. Want to see what they can do for you? Get in touch through or take a look at their website for more information 


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