Who is this program for?

Does your startup have a solution that helps people to live longer, healthy and independent at home? Are you looking for an opportunity to boost your company? Then the SocialTech Network Series is for you! Pitch your solution and get access to the market, strategic partners, network, expertise and funding opportunities within the social domain!

What are we looking for?

For this program, we are looking for startups with innovative and scalable technologies that contribute to a resilient and healthy society.

For example:

  • Solutions aimed at support and care for people with a disability
  • Solutions for vulnerable citizens who need support and care to participate in society
  • Solutions that help with physical or mental issues
  • Solutions that improve social wellbeing
  • Solutions that help elderly people to live longer, healthy and independent at home

What is in it for you?

  • Workshops, masterclasses & speed date sessions with experts in the field will give you new opportunities to test and prove your solution and receive valuable feedback
  • Access to the YES!Delft ecosystem with startups, mentors, coaches, investors, municipalities and entrepreneurs
  • Pitch your company and solution to the players in your market during the network sessions
  • Get connected to experts and business decision-makers in The Hague
  • Receive guidance in applying for Innovation Quarter’s funding opportunities

The most promising startup in the program will get the opportunity to execute their pilot plan together with the Municipality of The Hague worth up to 25.000 euros.



The SocialTech Startup Network Series is only one of several initiatives that The Hague is supporting to help boost innovation in the social domain. The Hague invested 2,3 million in IQCapital one of InnovationQuarters investment funds, and is encouraging the exchange of data between businesses, healthcare providers and insurance companies for the benefit of citizens. As IQ’s fund is closely linked to the program, the selected startups will get the necessary knowledge, skills and preparation to apply for it at the right stage of their development. 



With our population expected to grow in the coming decades, the Netherlands is bound to face an increasing need for more resilient and effective healthcare. Already today, the system is experiencing the strain of fewer healthcare professionals and resources, which can eventually have a negative impact on the welfare of citizens.

To tackle the challenges before they become an issue of the future, municipalities are looking towards innovation as the way forward. The Municipality of The Hague is strongly committed to bringing startups into the social domain to develop the products and services that are most needed. 

They are especially interested in solutions that help people to stay at home independently and live a healthy life, addressing both medical and mental health needs. 


Together with YES!Delft, the Municipality of The Hague is running the SocialTech Startup Network Series, giving you exclusive access to The Hague’s social domain ecosystem and dedicated investment fund by Innovation Quarter. 

The program of the SocialTech Network Series is focused around giving you the right tools and knowledge required to bring your solution to the market. Therefore the program is not only about navigating the social domain and funding opportunities, but also about stakeholder engagement. The selected startups will not only get to further develop their product-market fit, but they will also build on their understanding of the market and work closely together with local partners, allowing for new collaborations to arise.

In addition, as you probably know, a pilot program is a great way to finetune your solution and get in some early customers. In the SocialTech Network Series we will guide you in how to do a pilot program correctly, what things you need to be clear about when setting up a pilot and much more! Everything you need to know in order to launch your pilot!


“The SocialTech Network Series are the ideal introduction to a complex social domain. Through YES!Delft we have been able to make contact with companies, municipalities and organizations and we have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience with the application of our product within the social domain.” says Alex Vermunt, Head of Technology & Operations at Hello 24/7 and winner of the 2021 edition.


If you are working on a Social Tech solution and you are up for the challenge, then wait no longer and apply for the network series. This is your chance to work together with a wide range of stakeholders in the social domain – from entrepreneurs and investors, to healthcare providers and the municipality – and create real impact for the future. 

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