Sportbedrijf Rotterdam Innovation Challenge

Innovate the sports fields in Rotterdam and win a pilot with Sportbedrijf Rotterdam. 


27-28 November 2019 



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Sportbedrijf Rotterdam Innovation Challenge

On behalf of the municipality of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Sports Company is responsible for the maintenance and commissioning of the outdoor fields in Rotterdam. These fields are located on almost 100 sports complexes. These include football fields, hockey fields, tennis courts, korfball courts, athletics courts, etc. The Sportbedrijf rents out these outdoor complexes to sports clubs that use all the available sports fields on that complex.

Therefore, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam is challenging startups to use innovative solutions and make the sports fields more interactive!


I Track – Sports fields of the future

Startups with innovations that can be used on the sports fields without altering the facilities can apply for the challenge. 

  • This track is open also for startups that don’t have yet a product, but its prototype is close to launching. The aim of the track is to make the outdoor sports fields more attractive for a general audience.
  • The startups selected for this track will join on the 27th of November for a full day of training with YES!Delft experts focused on Validation. They will work their ideas and hone down their focus
    on the sports fields.
  • The winner will roll out their solution in 2020 on a sports field.

Additional Criteria to consider for the proposed solution: 

  • The innovation contributes to a more multifunctional use of the sports fields and therefore to a better rentability;
  • It must be possible to implement the innovation in both existing and new fields;
  • The fields remain suitable for training and formal competitions;
  • All kinds of innovations are welcome, especially technological innovations in hardware;
  • In possession of a working prototype or to be developed within 6 months;

II Track – Access and Control of sports fields

Startups with proved solutions for access and secured on facilities should apply.  

  • This track is open only for startups that have already a validated product, a viable solution which they will pitch to the Sportbedrijf Rotterdam.
  • The startups selected for this track only join on the 28th of November, the training on pitching in the morning and the event in the afternoon.
  •  They are expected to roll out the pilot beginning of 2020 for one sports field. If successful, their solution will be implemented on two major sports complexes during the following two years.

Additional Criteria to consider for the proposed solution: 

  • It should enable remote access control;
  • It must be possible to connect access to an online rental system;
  • It can only provide access to reserved times (programming visitors);
  • It offers the possibility to (automatically) count visitors on arrival;
  • It offers the possibility to (automatically) detect visitors without reservations, including notifications;
  • It distinguishes with access for club members, visiting clubs for the competition, supporters, other users (such as groups of friends and schools).


  • Knowledge and training from YES!Delft experts.
  • Each track winner gets a pilot with Sportbedrijf Rotterdam to roll out early 2020!
  • 5K credit for workshops and masterclasses at YES!Delft


  • 27th of November, selected startups join a Validation Lab day at YES!Delft where experts will help them shape their ideas and solutions to the challenge of Sportbedrijf Rotterrdam 
  • in the morning of the 28th of November, all startups received a Pitch Workshop from YES!Delft, getting prepared for the big event
  • afternoon of the 28th of November, the selected startups will pitch in front of the jury and audience, coming up that the winners to be awarded 


Sportbedrijf Rotterdam operates, maintains and support ssports locations throughout the city. From gyms and sports halls to athletics tracks, hockey fields, football fields and more. They ensure that they get everything the facilities need, so that they accommodate the needs of athletes and associations. In this way , Sportbedrijf Rotterdam ensures that every Rotterdam resident always lives close to a good, clean and safe sports location.

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