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The municipalities of Wassenaar and Krimpen a/d IJssel are committed to tackling the traffic flow in their regions. Not just to battle the effects of pollution, but to increase traffic safety and understand its root cause and work together with their residents to create awareness and a change in behaviour in the region. Wassenaar and Krimpen a/d IJssel are located close to essential highways that link other cities in the region.


Together with YES!Delft, the Municipality of The Hague is running the SocialTech Startup Network Series, giving you exclusive access to the Hague’s social domain ecosystem and dedicated investment fund by IQ.  If you are a startup (past the ideation stage) with an innovative and scalable technology that addresses one of the challenges above, then it is your moment to apply.


Aramco, a world leader in integrated energy and chemicals, and YES!Delft are partnering up for the second time to discover new innovative and sustainable technologies to challenge the creativity and innovative thinking of TU Delft and Erasmus University students. This time around, the focus is on taking quality control to the next level.

If you are a student with an innovative idea that can further modernize quality control practices, this is your moment to apply. Join the Aramco Tech Quest now!


We seek emerging global technologies that promote regenerative agriculture, positively impact nature, and support sustainable use of land and resources. Additionally, we are interested in technologies that can leverage agricultural or otherwise waste as a feedstock for biofuel development, thereby reducing waste while contributing to renewable energy production. Is your start-up or scale-up pioneering novel approaches to removing carbon from the atmosphere? Are you developing innovative technologies and digital solutions to drive the rapid decarbonisation needed to cool our warming planet? Then sign up for the New Energy Challenge 2023!


If you are a creative student and want to work on a unique concept capable of resetting the shopping rules, this call is for you. Join the AIRLab Smart Carrier Hackathon in partnership with YES!Delft, and help us redefine the future of retail.



Ennatuurlijk and YES!Delft organise the Sustainable Heat Challenge to accelerate the transformation from gas-fuelled heat-producing systems to carbon-free solutions. If you are a company working on sustainable hardware solutions for district heating networks, this challenge is for you. Join the Ennatuurlijk Sustainable Heat Challenge and contribute to a more sustainable heating system in The Netherlands.


If you are a company developing an innovative solution that can (help) mimic the real meat experience, then this call is just for you. Join the DSM Meat Replacement Innovation Challenge, in collaboration with YES!Delft, and prove why you should be the company’s newest partner in this endeavour.




If you are a research team working on robotics and, this challenge is for you. Join the AIRLab Stacking Challenge, in collaboration with YES!Delft, and help make retail more innovative and efficient. Winning teams will be awarded a cash prize. The focus of the challenge is to share knowledge and deep dive into the tech to better understand the ground principles of robotics.


Pro Rail is planning to equip all trains and tracks with the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), the new standard for train safety by 2022. This system is an important step towards the digitisation of rails and offers potential benefits in terms of reliability, speed, increasing capacity and facilitating cross-border train traffic. That is why they are looking for new solutions to roll out the system faster, which will result in less inconvenience, and lower costs.


Ahold Delhaize’s AI for Retail (AIR) Lab is currently looking for innovative companies that are able to build an autonomous store cleaning solution. The urgency is there, what’s missing is the right innovation.


New Energy Challenge

Shell, Rockstart, YES!Delft and Get in the Ring are looking for innovative hardware, production processes, and underlying digital solutions in hydrogen, future fuels and sustainable chemicals.


Kustlijn Startup Challenge

Rijkswaterstaat is looking for innovations to optimize their current coastal maintenance process. This will be necessary as it is expected that the routine will become more extensive and complex in the future due to the rising sea-level.


Public Transport Inno Challenge

Together with RET and HTM, MRDH is searching for innovations that contribute to finding a solution for the current growth restriction, and that solves the bottlenecks in the public transport network during peak hours. 


Sportbedrijf Rotterdam Innovation Challenge

Sportbedrijf Rotterdam is challenging startups to use innovative solutions and make the sports fields more interactive! Innovate the sports fields in Rotterdam and win a pilot with Sportbedrijf Rotterdam. 


Parking pressure Data Challenge

The municipalities of The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg challenge start-ups to find innovative solutions to map parking pressure for problem areas within the municipalities. Parking pressure here consists of two components: parking capacity and insight into current occupancy.


Aramco Tech Quest

Together with Aramco Europe, YES!Delft organized Aramco Tech Quest. For this one-day challenge, the teams are set a challenge to bring innovative ideas to the field of subsurface surveying, by combining data automation, drones and robotics, data and analytics along with earth science, geosciences, and imaging physics to develop new ideas.




The municipalities of Wassenaar and Ridderkerk are committed to tackle the quality of the air in their regions. Not just to battle the effects of pollution, but to understand the root cause of it and work together with their residents for improving the air quality in the region.


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