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Roy Campe, Eric Terry


Actiflow is a company specialised in aerodynamics and product design. In a team of designers and aerodynamicists, specialist knowledge of air and fluid flow is implemented in several phases of product development.

With our software, we make (air) flow visible. This leads to new insights which can be very valuable in the design process. By combining conceptual design and specialism in the area of fluid dynamics, exceptional results are obtained with respect to functionality, efficiency, aesthetics and cost.

Moreover, Actiflow’s expertise and simulations are applied in projects on a consultancy basis. In the building industry, we perform studies to improve indoor climate, wind comfort and fire safety.

Our customers vary from large multinationals to small start-up companies with new products. We perform calculations on cars of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but we also design the air flow of an incubator or jacuzzi.
More information including reference projects can be found on our website.


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