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Remi Blokker, Berend Jan Kleute


Covering seventy percent of our globe, the oceans are by far the largest solar collectors on earth and can provide a vast amount of clean and renewable energy, day and night. Bluerise is specialized in the development and implementation of Ocean Thermal Energy systems. We provide innovative technology and services allowing the most efficient and optimal use of the available ocean resource. In doing so Bluerise helps its customers to save up to 90% on their energy consumption for cooling and enables tropical islands and coastal regions to become 100% ‘green’ and energy independent. Bluerise and its partners are currently developing of one of the World’s first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) pilot facilities to be located at the premises of Curacao International Airport as part of a larger project to take maximum advantage of cold deep ocean water. Bluerise is expanding this concept throughout the Caribbean and Pacific.


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