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CleVR is specialized in developing custom-designed interactive virtual reality (VR) simulation systems for therapy or training purposes, where the participant is fully immerged in a virtual environment, having a realistic 3D experience. The accompanying hardware framework is assembled on-site, where it is directly ready to use. CleVR offers extensive service & support packages for our customers.
The first product in our portfolio is the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy system for the treatment of many different phobias, starting with fear of flying and fear of heights. The next focus is the treatment of social phobia, psychosis, autism and aggression regulation. The results of the clinical validation of our psychosis therapy using interactive VR are very promising, so this will be the world’s first scientific validated VR therapy for the treatment of psychosis. Our products incorporate a new treatment that is scientifically proven to be more efficient than conventional methods. Patients are virtually exposed to gradually more anxiety arousing situations for prolonged periods of time per session until anxiety dissipates and habituation occurs.
Future developments will incorporate more sensory devices for more interactive solutions. VR-gloves or sensors to detect movements and gestures will enable smart solutions and more possibilities within VR.


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