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Dr. Ir. Peter Haffinger (Managing Director), Dr. Panos Doulgeris (Business Developer), Prof. Dr. Ir. Dries Gisolf (R&D Director)


Delft Inversion’s mission is to maximize our knowledge of the subsurface.
The company has been actively offering its services to the hydrocarbon exploration & production industry since 2013. Its main focus and added value is risk reduction in projects that range from exploration for new oil and gas fields to underground CO2 capture and storage projects.
Delft Inversion introduces a new philosophy in seismic data processing and utilisation that can potentially have impact in every phase of the life cycle of a reservoir. Having already built a rich portfolio of case studies in the most challenging environments globally, Delft Inversion has a proven track record and is now entering a slow growth trajectory despite the most unfavourable market conditions.


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