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Frans van Duijnen, René Elstgeest


Sometimes words are just not enough to accurately describe a situation that doesn’t exist (yet). The human imagination is simply too limited to form a realistic image. Three-dimensional visualization using mARk software from deLight offers a solution for these types of situations. mARk makes it possible to visualize a 3D model, product or idea in the future situation. The brand “mARk” stands for marker-based Augmented Reality and is derived from the “marker” concept. You can create your own deLight experience and save the results of your work in a deLight file which others can also play – at a different location – using the deLight player. The broad application possibilities for Augmented Reality 3D visualization are unprecedented. More and more users are discovering the benefits of working with our mARk software. From real estate agents to project developers, and from interior designers to medical specialists. To maximize the 3D experience, it is possible to combine the use of the mARk software with Augmented Reality glasses or using our interactive table.


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