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Robert Crone, Mara Bos

Fusion Engineering

Our mission is to make drone flight so safe and reliable, that it can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. While drone hardware has come a long way over the past decades, software development has been lacking behind. Therefore, we set out on an ambitious project: Developing drone control systems from scratch, while focussing from the start on safety and reliability. On top of this new software platform, we built innovative flight control algorithms to ensure more accurate positioning, disturbance rejection, and fault-tolerance.

To make sure our flight controller is on the cutting edge of what is possible, we work closely together with Delft University of Technology on the latest research in drone control engineering. The control technologies that we have implemented are based on a High-rate UKF, Adaptive INDI, and Fault-tolerant control.

We are looking for innovative drone manufacturers that want to be leaders in developing the drone applications of the future and ambitious people to help us make it happen.


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