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Boy Trip (CEO), Rick Lenssen (CTO)


E-Trailer is a young and fast growing company. Rick Lenssen and Boy Trip founded the company in March 2015. E-Trailer is based on the knowledge of the Nuon Solar Team (worlds fasted solar car). Rick and Boy want to implement the available technology in the automotive-sector in the trailer and caravan industry. It is E-Trailers mission to make the trailer and caravan industry as innovative as the automotive-sector.

What is E-Trailer?
E-Trailer want to make the trailer and caravan sector more safe and more comfortable by introducing smart innovations. By using the available technologies in the automotive-sector and using the knowledge of the Delft University of Technology E-Trailers innovations can be developed fast. Products with a good quality are one of the key values for E-Trailer.

Products of E-Trailer
The SMART-Trailer is a nice example of innovations from the Delft University of Technology and the automotive-sector. Different technologies from the automotive-sector are applied in the SMART-Trailer. E-Trailer want to make sure, by using the SMART-Trailer, that your journey with your trailer is as safe and comfortable as possible. Beside the SMART-Trailer is E-Trailer working on a new braking system for trailers and caravans, the E-Brake.


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