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Ewoud de Kok (CEO)


With FeedbackFruits teachers can easily increase the participation of all students by creating individual learn paths for their course.
FeedbackFruits is founded with the mission to improve learning for all learners. FeedbackFruits believes that if learning will be more personalised using the right didactics, students will be more engaged in the course and that will result in better learning. FeedbackFruits strategy is to make it very easy for teachers to create a personalised learning experience with the right didactics for their course. Once teachers created a personalised learn path, FeedbackFruits has measures in place to increase the engagement of students. Example are social gamification elements or automatic online participations grading.
FeedbackFruits is a fast growing startup with more than 35.000 users and a growing amount of universities within the Netherlands and Europe. The current FeedbackFruits team exist of 20 members, dedicated to hack a better educational future.


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