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We believe that travelling within Europe is inefficient. Commercial airlines do fly from a select amount of airports in Europe and demand their passengers to arrive two to three hours before departure. If you would take the car instead, there is a big chance that you will arrive in a traffic jam. This doubles your total travel time.

Fly Aeolus connects 1200 small, regional airports in Europe. These can be found on an average of 15 minutes of your origin or final destination. We offer our members a fast, affordable and accessible platform with small comfortable aircraft.
Fly Aeolus air taxi offers affordable private flights for a fixed price comparable to last minute economy tickets. You depart when you want and land at the destination of your choice. By passing long ques at the check-in desk, security and boarding at major airports, your travel time is halved.
Your check-in takes place 15 minutes before the flight.
Experience the services of Fly Aeolus and discover a new way of travelling. Interested? Watch our demo:


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