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Silvia ten Houten


GoodHout produces newly engineered wood and Biobased composite made from 100% natural coconut husk.
GoodHout’s Coconut Husk Board is not a traditional composite product: due to GoodHout technology, the naturally present glues in the coconut are activated and a 100% natural, engineered wood alternative is produced. It has exceptional properties, and zero added formaldehyde. GoodHout’s new biocomposite material has tested compliant for indoor use and in moist conditions with European Standards.
First products will be flat panels for use in the green building industry, including flooring, walls and interior applications. Continuing R&D and application development will result in bio-materials for design and furniture applications, and 3D products.
Coconut husk waste can be upcycled, and is a perfect raw material for the circular economy: GoodHout’s clean-tech biocomposite is made from husk which might otherwise be burned in a disposal effort. 60 billion coconuts are grown per year – and over 85% of the husk remains unused – until now.


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