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Simon Bosschieter (CEO), Peter Brouwer (COO)


Holland Container Innovations is committed to bringing down the cost, and harmful emission, originating from empty container movements.

4FOLD brings the solution to come to a more efficient process with the basic principle of volume reduction by folding. 4FOLD can be folded to one quarter of its height where four containers can be bundled to one, the complete process taking only a few minutes. One can transport, handle and/or store the four bundled containers for the same price as one standard container.

The foldable 40ft high cube meets all industry requirements and is fully ISO and CSC certified. Operating 4FOLD requires no changes to your existing logistics system. There are no loose parts, so no parts of the container go missing. 4FOLD can be repaired using standard parts that are available around the world at low costs.

Multiple shipping lines are operating 4FOLD to transport their customers’ precious cargo from A to B, guaranteeing the best possible quality which the market demands. Please contact us to understand how 4FOLD will bring saving to your operation, and learn more about our interesting lease and purchase options.


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