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Jack Schorsch (CEO), Matthew Corvers (CTO), Rory Deen (CFO), Thibaud Verschoor (CCO)


IMsystems designs and produces the patented “Archimedes Drive”, the new standard in speed reducer technology. Our drive combines the best of both worlds by integrating the reliability of a planetary drive with the precision of friction transmission. This is made possible through the use of our patented “flex-roller” technology which allows for constant and reliable torque transferring without the need to use gear teeth. Resulting in the highest gear ratio ever attained by a transmission system. Our drive can double the precision or production speed of a robot while being half the weight of the competition Additionally, our drive can be produced for a fraction of the cost since we don’t have to take gear teeth integration into account. These advantages allow our product to open a new frontier in the robotics industry. Besides our targeted market, our drive can also be applied in the aerospace, automotive and wind turbine industries.


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