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Desmond van der Meer, Lauwerens Metz


We’re Innovattic and we make great apps and games for the mobile world. Ever since our start in 2009 (on an attic), it’s been our goal to develop applications that really contribute to society. Meanwhile, Innovattic has grown to over 25 employees and has become an expert in b2b mobile app development. Numerous inspiring collaborations later, with clients such as IKEA, Dutch broadcasting organization NPO and the Dutch Police, we are still focussing on that contributing factor. Now, a considerable amount of our resources is spent on the development of projects in the Mobile Health environment (mHealth). Some of our most recent releases in this field:
Participatient, the winning project of Dutch HackingHealth 2016
Beat-it, an mHealth game (for Yulius Academie)
App de Dokter (for CZ), released in November 2015
We believe that great apps come from great ideas. And we love playing foosball.


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