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Abdel R. Alzubaidi


Ivvest on a mission to make the future of horticulture accessible, through building the new eco-system along with innovating smart, efficient, modular, profitable and affordable indoor farming solutions!

Over 10 billion people in 2050 will not be able to have reliable food supplies if we kept using the current agricultural production methodologies of greenhouses that already occupies over 50% of the habitable lands. Indoor farming technologies comes to solve all of these problems however it is highly expensive to buy and to operate.

Therefore, we have developed The Capsule, which is a highly efficient, profitable, modular, scalable and smart indoor farming unit. Such unit is globally priced at $100K-$150K, however we want to offer it to agricultural entrepreneurs at cost-price of $30K.

In return, we will be receiving:

1) Revenue share from their sales

2) Monthly subscription fee of $560, covering many services including market access and the usage of our indoor farming operating system IvvestOS.


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