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Sander Schutte, Jasper Schuurmans


Mapiq is all about the connection between people and buildings. With our technology the abstract concept of ‘smart building’ is becoming more tangible. Pop-ups that tell you where your favourite colleague is sitting or check if there is a meeting place available from your home… Mapiq offers unique possibilities.
We want to enable people to work smarter and more effective use of the modern office. The product MAPIQ gives employees access to all the facilities of an office building, wherever they are and whenever they want. For facility managers Mapiq gives high detailed insight into the use of buildings. This can be optimized services and real estate portfolio. This insight allows, for example, bad exit used building components to save energy, and invest in areas where employees appreciate.
With Mapiq every individual can create the exact place, including al the facilities that one needs at a given time. The user of a building can therefore be just as flexible as that person wants to be. And the building? It adapts effortlessly to a person’s preferences. The office building will adjust itself to the people. This way, people really get the best out of a building!
Mapiq. We create Smart Buildings.


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