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Eline Vrijland van Beest, Thijs van Oorschot


Two to four percent of the Western population suffers from sleep apnea, of which the majority is unaware of their condition. Sleep apnea is disturbed breathing during sleep. Despite the disturbances in breathing often being subconscious, patients find they suffer as a result during the day in daytime sleepiness, high blood pressure and heart disease. In half the number of cases sleep apnea presents itself when supine, this we call positional sleep apnea. Avoiding supine position works: Positional therapy has proven to be highly effective in such cases. NightBalance introduces the Sleep Position Trainer, a gentle solution for people with positional sleep apnea. The Sleep Position Trainer is an active sleep position sensor that gradually and gently trains patients not to sleep on their back. It is a small and light device that is worn on the chest with an ergonomic band. Treating sleep apnea with the SPT improves the sleep of patients and their partner. This improves their health and daytime performance.


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