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David Beijder (CEO), Jorrit Lucas (Jack of all Trades), Wouter Robers (President of Opportunities), Wouter Smit (CTO)


Peeeks is a start-up that generates extra revenue for clients by automatically and intelligently controlling flexible electrical assets, depended of availability and price of electricity on the grid.
The electricity grid has to be in balance between demand and supply. In case of shortage, the tariffs for electricity are extremely high, in case of a surplus the tariffs are low and even negative. Peeeks shifts the consumption of electricity to help balancing the grid and thereby generating extra revenue for their customers.
Due to the increasing volume of sun and wind energy on the grid, there is and will be more imbalance on the grid. By switching assets, the consumption of sustainable generated electricity will increase.
Electricity consuming assets which can be switched on and off, without consequence for performance and functionality, have Flexibility. For example: cooling, freezing, warming and pump installations. Flexibility is the feature and condition for generating extra revenue.
Peeeks software platform switches the assets on and off, fully automated, based on the technical parameters of the system and the situation on the grid.
Peeeks help to integrate unpredictable renewable energy sources in the grid. This leads to a higher integration of renewables in the grid at a lower cost.


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