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Michel Boerrigter (CEO), Jasper Hartong (CTO)


We believe that planning is unnecessary nowadays. Therefore, we are on a quest to restore the ability of organisations to focus on the here and now. With our software solutions we enable organisations to boost their operations.
Metaphorically you can compare the C42 technology with the practical, multifunctional value of a towel:
“You can use it to sail, wrap it around you for warmth, sleep under it beneath the stars, wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat and wave it in emergencies as a distress signal. And if it is still clean…you may use the towel to dry off.” – Douglas Adams
For example, we help pick-up and delivery companies to organise their routes efficiently, we make workforce planning extremely flexible and we take care of the smooth running of sales appointments. It doesn’t matter how complex a problem might be, our smart process will make things work. We step into the shoes of our customers; together we define goals and challenges. Through a simple step-by-step plan, sprinkled with some of our magic, we always come to a fast and scalable solution.
Our software platform gains benefits on several levels: increase efficiency, improve customer centricity and reduce carbon footprint.


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