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Gijs den Butter (CEO), Johannes Luijten (CTO)


At Sense Glove we see virtual and augmented reality as an enabler for real world applications. Our believe is that providing interactions with objects and persons equal to those in the real world is the only way to fully utilise the potential of VR and AR. That is why we are creating the Sense Glove; The Sense Glove provides the most natural interaction in virtual and augmented reality. With the Sense Glove virtual objects are brought to live, you can feel, touch and interact with them as if they are real.
The Sense Glove measures the exact rotation of all joints in the hand and wrist (precise motion capturing of the hand). This enables Sense Glove to become the first in the world to be used as a fully physics-based controller for VR and AR. Our unique force feedback system enables the user to feel the density and shape of virtual objects. Originally the glove is developed as a medical device.


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