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Wim de Jong (CEO), Anouar Manders (CTO)


SenseIT develops and delivers 3D scanners based on laser triangulation for quality inspections and measurements. The turn-key systems can be used in different environments like heavy industry but also in cleanrooms. The strength of the SenseIT 3D scanner is delivery of tailor-made 3D quality information in a short cycle-time in combination with a high accuracy. Product dimensions and shape complexity are no restriction. A 100% inline inspection of components produced in large quantities by casting, forging or pressing production processes is one of the applications of the SenseIT 3D scanner. Inspections results, related to serial number, can be stored for longer term for traceability or statistical process control. The SenseIT 3D scanners can be configured according customer specifications with regard to outer dimensions, preferred PLC communication and human-machine interface set-up. The SenseIT 3D scanner is a revolution in a world which is traditionally dominated by cost intensive but less reliable visual inspections by human eyes. Recently SenseIT has successfully installed their first industrial 3D scanner in a high pressure diecasting foundry used for inline quality inspection of large complex parts supplied to premium brands in the automotive.


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