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Stefan Versluis, Auke Ferwerda


Shifft offers both consumers and companies a solution to actively engage in the radically changing energy landscape.

Intelligent technology and renewable energy sources, even in our backyard, enable an ever-growing pro—active behaviour with regards to energy consumption. Shifft provides insight on energy consumption in a low-key manner to both consumers and companies and delivers a sense of control over the various possibilities within energy systems.

Shifft does so by providing an online platform on the basis of the readily available smart energy meter. The online platform offers active guidance to enable the user to be smarter about his energy usage. The intuitive way of presenting information, usage statistics and various experiments lead to elaborate insight and a heightened sense of control. Additional plug-and-play components can be easily added to provide extra depth and control to the energy experience.

Intelligent energy usage is one of the important pillars that enable the development of an intelligent and sustainable energy system. Shifft offers the tools for maximum control over this system.

Shifft. The power to the People.


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