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Jan Pieter Versluijs (CEO), Mels van Hoolwerff (CFO), Tino de Bruijn (CTO)


Solar Monkey offers software to installers of solar panels that allows them to design a solar PV system and exactly calculate the energy output. The software utilises LiDAR 3D data to calculate local shading effects to ensure optimal accuracy of the results. In cooperation with partner installers a guaranteed output is offered to the end consumer; if this guaranteed energy output is not achieved, the difference is compensated. Through this guarantee we bring a great level of security for end consumers.
The aim of further development is to fully automate the whole process of designing and optimising solar PV systems. This will allow us to design solar systems for whole cities or even countries. Combining this with a guaranteed output and continuous monitoring we will be involved in the international development and market growth of solar power.


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