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Sam Kin (CEO), Koen van Hees (CTO)


SolarSwing develops solar control systems to optimize daylight and solar heat gains for buildings and their occupants. We strive for maximal energy efficiency in combination with maximal indoor comfort for the occupants, seeking an optimum between daylight transmission, glare control and solar heat gain. We have developed our own daylight control system, Kindow. In addition we deliver a large contribution to the development of other innovative solar control developments such as Wellsun and FourC.
SolarSwing is specialized in solar tracking and control software for shading systems. Next to designing electronics and code we are able to simulate the effect of shading systems on the overall building performance by using advanced, validated computer models.
We believe in cooperation and we are always open to new development challenges in our field of work, so please contact us if you see any possibilities. If you are primarily interested in our products, please contact Kindow or Wellsun directly.


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