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Adriano Desideri (CEO), Emiliano Casati (CTO), Adam Head (COO)


SOLHO develops solar off-grid energy systems to power horticultural projects, enabling unparalleled growth opportunities for greenhouse manufacturers.

SOLHO proposes an innovative and fully off-grid energy system called SPRHOUT (Solar-PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT) that, using solar power and thanks to a thermal energy storage system, can fulfil the needs of a greenhouse-based horticultural project. The SPRHOUT allows to deploy completely off-grid greenhouses, thus opening new market opportunities in areas with unreliable infrastructure. The SPRHOUT eliminates constraints on the location of new horticultural projects, and substantially reduces the environmental impact of food production.

The SPRHOUT benefits are:
Off-grid, no need for electricity grid or gas network
24/7 operation thanks to unique storage capabilities
90% operational savings compared to current solutions


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