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Eric P. Smit, Mark Uitendaal, Roel H.P. Eerkens, Hein W. Olthof


T-Minus Engineering B.V. develops and operates autonomous air- and space vehicles for scientific research, primarily sounding rockets. T-Minus possesses the theoretical and practical know-how to perform end-to-end development, focused on the user’s needs. This includes all aspects, from rocket propulsion to flight control systems and launch operations.
Our main product in development is the T-Minus DART: a system for fast and low-cost probing of the upper atmosphere. With use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials, we developed this highly efficient rocket that reaches 120 kilometers altitude.
Next to that, we organize launch campaigns for CanSat, where educational payloads are lauched to 1 kilometer altitude. These projects are organized in many European countries, from Portugal to Norway and from the UK to Poland.


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