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Ir. Eliane Khoury (CEO)


Virus Free Air, known as VFA Solutions, is the specialist in indoor air treatment and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) related solutions, mainly air purification and sustainable ventilation. VFA is an expert in measuring, recognising and creating healthy indoor air quality. Everything we do, is focused on creating clean and healthy air, because we believe clean and safe air is the right for everyone, everywhere.

We supply clean and healthy air by providing solutions that actually solve air quality issues and we validate this through air quality measurements and inspection.

The VFA’s products are based on own innovative, well developed, proven and patented ASPRA technology, sometimes in combinations with other well proven existing, yet carefully selected, technologies, resulting in optimal performance. Our air purifiers remove air contaminations from the air, varying from viruses, fine particulate matter to allergens and gasses and smells. Scientific research shows the ASPRA technology is exceptionally effective for the particles that are most harmful for your health: Ultrafine (NANO) particulate matter. High performance efficiency, low energy consumption, flexible design and scientific approach make our technologies and products the ideal solutions for a wide range of air quality issues in various market segments as healthcare, utilities, industry, logistics and agriculture.


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