02Accelerate your learning progress

Your learning and progress as a founder depends on 1) the relationships you make, 2) the experiences and insights that you share, and 3) the practical projects you can pick up with relevant people, whether that’s experts or founders who are just ahead of you.

That’s why we are hosting our FIRST EDITION of UNconference.

The UNCONFERENCE is made up of a set of short, targeted parallel running sessions, which are hosted by the participants themselves, and are scheduled together at the event. It’s an opportunity select to experience a range of topics in an intimate setting, to forge new relationships, and connect with experience and expertise that you can benefit from immediately, but will also last a lifetime.

  • effectively build valuable connections with tech founders in an intimate setting

  • share your challenges and successes with the wider startup community

  • speed up your learning progress and learn from other people’s experiences


WHEN: September 7, 2018
WHERE: YES!Delft building
COSTS: Sometimes, the best things in life are free!

Register for the UNconference!

Our ambassadors at the conference are highly experienced entrepreneurs who have walked the path and are there to share their knowledge and expertise with you!


04Want to know more about the UNconference? Get in touch!

Gerwin Hoogendoorn Growth Manager +31 6 41 36 03 45 [email protected]